Technology Sandbox

Some of the core resources that libraries and information agencies should be using to reach a wider user population would be the Internet, social media, and websites. Facebook and Twitter may be some of the most widely-used platforms that library patrons have, however, one allows users to post limited information while the other one is originally designed for individual users (but can be used to form groups). However a more professional way to reach patrons would be to use Blogger or WordPress. Both are in a blog-style format, although originally used for personal web logs/journals, this is a great way for a library to personalize the collections, data, and other information pertaining to the library. Although there are probably not as many users using blogs in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, it is probably the most formal way of presenting information through another avenue (besides the library’s home page).

In sharing images of events (for example, if the Westland Library were to share information and images of the Wayne County Lightfest or the Jazz Summer Festival), they would be able to do so by sharing past images through Instagram, Flickr, and other image-based sharing services. These avenues would be best for those that would like to view information of local events in their community. The amount of people that use image-sharing services is probably small in comparison to Facebook or even Blogger, which would probably hold more information on the web page in comparison to the photos. Not every patron can afford Internet service much less, a computer, many of the technologies that we use today involves the Internet and a device that can connect to the Internet (usually through Wi-Fi). However, since most libraries provide computers and Internet services for patrons to use, everyone has a chance to use the Internet.

Respond to the following question: If I were given complete freedom, what I would do with what I’ve learned in class so far would be to create groups in the library that are interested in media and the performing arts. With the film industry producing films in the Detroit area, if extras were needed, I would first communicate with the director to provide a list of people in the community that would volunteer to be extras that are interested and are a part of the media group at the library. If the budget allows, I would provide the latest technology for patrons to be able to use on a daily basis. Instead of using a whole slew of social media, I will survey all patrons at the library and have a poll set where the mount of users will be able to choose which social media they would like to communicate through. The top three to five social media choices of its kind through a tiered systems (such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace as Tier 1, Twitter, Reddit, or Digg for Tier 2, Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr for Tier 3, and Instagram, Flickr, or Snapchat for Tier 4). Out of these tiers, one will be the main choice for communicating to other patrons in the library. This way, instead of communicating on a slew of various social media websites, the ones that the patrons would prefer to use will be the ones that are used.


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