Revisit Assumptions/Assertions about LIS

In regards to my assumptions, assertions, and beliefs that I held about the Library and Information Science professions during the start of the semester, I feel that I have learned much more than I first knew about the modern library system. I actually thought that the library was solely work based inside the building, which primarily consisted of clerical work. However, after researching and reading from posts that my peers have made about the profession, it has definitely opened my eyes as to what the profession is really about. It seems that even though the library does make a great effort to be incorporated (in a positive light) as a modern day resource for the community to use, many people (including myself at one point before I enrolled for grad school) that librarians were either limited to cataloging and staying in front of checkout desks and observing patrons, however, they do so much more than that. They make sure to be a positive protruding presence in their community in a modern aspect so that people will still use their resources. Even if it means incorporating computers, scanners, e-books, etc. or the like, as long as patrons are interested in these modern materials, the library will still be in effect.

My second assumption is in effect in some libraries. Libraries can work with patrons through various social media websites and even in other avenues (such as programs in their community). The library can be flexible in servicing their community in order to be the most effective in capacity. My third assumption is that even though some libraries may have the materials and the funds to archive subjects of interest, not every community is able to do so. Smaller libraries probably only have books while mega libraries may have every reference of media and technology every created and archived in every subject and for every age. However, funding does play a large role in how a library functions. Without funding, the library may not run to full capacity and may risk being closed.

Librarians have to reach out to their community and more people are becoming librarians. As the library includes other elements, they incorporate people from other fields. Archiving involves history and information technology involves science and math. Academic libraries involves those with MLIS degrees as well. Many times, there are always resources available for those that need it. However, most of the time, the people are not aware of these sources and therefore, miss out on the opportunity. The library helps those that miss these opportunities by providing as many resources as they can in order to service every aspect of their patrons in the community, whether homeless or wealthy.

Overall, I have learned that in the library and information science profession, a librarian has to be social with their patrons and not every patron will be on their best behavior. Working with patrons while at the same time treating people with respect and following the ALA ethics are things that a librarian has to juggle on a daily basis. A librarian in a way has to give their all in order to fully fulfill their position as a librarian towards the public to make sure that patrons return and keep the library running.


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