Final Reflections

The tools and skills that I can bring to my professional position in the future is the importance of being a respectable librarian towards every patron. In addition to learning about the ALA Code of Ethics and Library Bill of Rights, there is an identified set of standards and rules that should be followed by librarians, which should be relayed to the public in order to prevent any misconceptions or errors.

My perceptions and attitudes have changed and developed over the semester after reading, learning, and discussing the issues and concepts presented in the field. The Did You Know video I found interesting as it had information pertaining to the world and how the youth today has had more exposure to electronics than any other generation. Even the job positions that we have today were nonexistent back when I was still in elementary school. Even though some people may think that I am too young to remember the older technology, I definitely remember using it. My father has worked at the Wayne County Purchasing Division in downtown Detroit for the past twenty-two years where they used computers that were small, loud, and clunky on 56K lines up to the modern day computers that most people have today in their households. We have had many computers at home, from Packard Bell running on Windows 95 up to Windows 8.1 on my 17.3 inch laptop. I have seen 3½ floppy disks and have used them. Today, I use flash drives and portable hard drives. Dot matrix printers were incessantly loud and cellphones were only used by the government and expensive businesses during the 90s. The times have definitely changed, including the way libraries function. Every book, periodical, newspaper, and other media has a barcode assigned to them in the library in which scanning has made it easier to check out the item.

My understanding about the role of the information professional has developed significantly. When I used Microsoft Access for a project in my other class, I discovered that although the foundation of setting up the parameters for data took long, it made the task much easier and I was able to complete my work much faster and efficiently as well. The profession (or most professions if not all) involves some level of management and organization. It is also important to update systems and upgrade whenever possible and available to keep patrons coming as well as inviting new patrons to the library. Also, working with others is almost inevitable in every profession. Many professional places promote working in groups to promote the variety of ideas as well as promoting accuracy and collaboration with other people.

Where I plan to go from after this class is focusing more on classes that involves archiving and looking into professions that involves some of my interests, such as art, English, and history. I plan to use the techniques and skills that I have learned from my intro classes and apply them in the workforce. A well-rounded informative professional is better than a professional that just only have information on limited data and limited skills. The more information that one learns, the more valuable the person becomes.


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