Mid-Semester Analysis and Reflections

So far, while halfway into the semester, the workload has become much more hefty compared to the beginning of the semester. However, I feel that I have learned so much more in these eight weeks thus far. From the first day, it seemed interesting, however, I did not know what I was going up against in the classes. I knew that the master level classes would be difficult, but so far, it has been demanding, but not necessarily hard. Although I knew that the library system that almost everyone in the United States is more familiar with is slowly dwindling away, I did not realize how fast it was dwindling until these weeks have passed. Future librarians have to just learn the basics of many trades in order to compete with other librarians in society. Some of the basics can range from coding to management skills and even setting up databases and leadership with innovation. The modern librarian has much more electronic/technological duties to fulfill compared to librarians of previous centuries.

In my current blog postings, all of them are related to the assignments. All of my posts help myself realize which aspects of LIS I should consider (in relation to my personal interests, whether in academic, special, research libraries, etc.). However, concerning the discussions with my fellow peers have been interesting because of the discussions that ranges from homeless patrons occupying the library to presidential libraries and even the issues of gender issues being present in todays’ library system. Even issues of copyright were discussed and intellectual property, which is still an ongoing and unresolved issue to date. Some things that I have noticed in my blog posts is that although they are not too personal, I add my thoughts concerning the topic and how it relates to my field. My first blog post was about my interest in the field and where I plan to see myself in a few years. However, from the discussion of banned books to comparing publishers and associations, the blog post is essentially my journey in the LIS field. Although the “ride” may be bumpy in the next upcoming years, I think that it will be a rewarding journey. I did not know what to expect when I first enrolled, but I know that it will be an unforgettable, yet enriching journey.

During the last week of September, I did encounter an event in which I feel really opened my eyes to the LIS field and things that I may expect (which I will elaborate in another blog posting after this one). It was very informal and helped me understand what I may endure after graduate school. Concerning the second half of the semester, although it may be time-consuming trying to juggle both this class and another class that I am currently taking, I know that it will be much more demanding. However, I know that as long as I keep myself aware of deadlines and pay attention to my work ethic and submit quality assignments that the end of my first semester will be a great one.


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