LIS Professional Associations – ARLIS/NA and ALISE

Two LIS professional associations that fits my particular professional interests and goals are ARLIS/NA and ALISE.

ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) is an organization founded by Judith Hoffberg in 1972. ARLIS/NA uses librarianship to help catalog and manage artwork. The mission is sharing collaborative ideas, publishing articles, means for communication with other art librarians, and mentoring other future art librarians. Some of the benefits and opportunities for joining ranges from networking with other professionals in the field as well as awards for substantial contributions as well as opportunities for publishing and collaboration. Requirements for joining ranges (depending on status). For students, it is $50 for three years. $100 is for people joining for the first time, and $130 for individuals. ARLIS/NA publication is titled “Art Documentation,” which their official bulletin. Some of their primary activities involve meetings on Fridays and hosting conferences based on art design and managing these images as a main focus.

ARLIS/NA is on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Facebook postings are brief with few interactions from its users, but they post important information such as chapter meetings and award nominations. On Twitter, they post pictures of current events in the organization (such as the 2015 Conference in New York) and other news reports. They have an open group on LinkedIn and Pinterest boards for reviews/publications and conference information. One of their publications, Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship is compiled of over 60 essays regarding the state of art librarianship and its duties (from cataloging, managing, and collection development). Another publication, The Self-Portrait: a Cultural History discusses the self-portrait and how other artists from the middle ages up to contemporary artists have drawn themselves using their choice of medium.

The other LIS professional association is called ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education) founded in 1915, expanding from an informal set of meetings to the organization that is now recognized as it is today. The mission is promoting research and teaching services to LIS disciplines in the program. Membership benefits and opportunities includes networking, being eligible for awards, and collaboration with others with a similar discipline in addition to attending conferences. The requirements to join for students are $60 (for six years) and $75 for three years for doctoral students. Part-time or retired employees pay $75 annually and full-time employees pay $130 annually. A quarterly publication called JELIS (Journal of Education for Library and Information Science) is volume-based. Some of the main activities are research, reports, and journals with concentrations on classroom discrepancies, virtual learning, and the current state of the LIS profession and its improvements. ALISE has social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their Facebook page posts weekly information and news relating to the field. Their Twitter page has daily postings of information in LIS. Their LinkedIn group is members-only and is set to private. Two of their publications: Journal of Education for Library and Information Science (JELIS) and the Library and Information Science Education Statistical Report contains information pertaining to the LIS field and their other journal containing statistics. The information in both journals for the most part have been censored and can only be viewed once one becomes a member.

I chose ARLIS/NA and ALISE because both organizations have things that I am interested in and interested in working as a career. I enjoy art as well as technology (troubleshooting technological devices and the like) while having a love for books as well. Both organizations seem interesting and something that I would be interested in doing for the rest of my life. Although one organization (ARLIS/NA) seems to be much more candid, the other one seems to be secretive (ALISE), but considering the membership costs, maybe that is why ALISE is taking a precaution by not revealing too much details about the activities that is going on in the organization. Both organizations seem interesting to join, but if I were to join one of these organizations today, I would choose ARLIS/NA.


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